Is your translator taking confidentiality seriously?
3 June, 2016 Confidentiality Polish Translation

Picture the scene. Taking a thoughtful sip from her flat white, the translator sits back in her favourite cereal café and types the final paragraph of her latest, highly confidential, pharmaceutical translation assignment for a clinical research organisation. With a self-satisfied sigh, she closes the lid on her MacBook Pro and contemplates dinner. Meanwhile, a stranger, who has absorbed and been taking notes on the classified secrets in the document from the next table, is already three blocks away, looking similarly pleased with himself as he makes off with the details of sensitive drug research data. Confidentiality was clearly not...

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3 facts I’ve learnt about Polish translation of vascular terms
27 May, 2016 Polish translation of vascular terms

Exactly a week ago I attended a highly informative medical translation workshop on vascular and abdominal surgery. The event took place in Olching, near Munich, Germany, and was organised by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting Medical and Pharmaceutical Network, a UK-based group of professional translators specialising in the medical, pharmaceutical and related fields. I was especially keen to gain more insight into vascular surgery which would help me with Polish translation of vascular terms. The input provided by the speaker, Dr Everard Braganza, a Germany-based vascular surgeon, was invaluable. Here are the three most interesting things I learnt.

Polish translator in the Gloucestershire Women of the Year Awards 2016
20 May, 2016 Gloucestershire Women of the Year Awards 2016 finalist Katarzyna E Slobodzian-Taylor

Last week I was absolutely thrilled to learn that I was in the running for the Gloucestershire Women of the Year Awards 2016. A closer look at the official Gloucestershire Women of the Year Awards website revealed even more exciting news: I am a finalist in not one, but two categories, i.e. International Businesswoman of the Year 2016 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.

Pushing pills in Poland
13 May, 2016 Pharmaceutical advertising in Poland

If the British oil their social conversation with observations on the weather, the Poles, it seems, are obsessed with health, their lack of it and their natural-born talent for diagnosis and prognosis. Don’t ask a Pole how he or she is unless you have an hour to spare! Thus, it comes as no surprise Poland is the largest pharmaceutical market in the Central and Eastern Europe region and the sixth largest in Europe. It’s probably even less surprising to see online pharmacies as the fastest growing distribution channel. With an increasing demand for medicinal products, pharmaceutical advertising in Poland must be like shooting...

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Why you won’t see a doughnut in Polish medical translation
6 May, 2016 Why you won't see a doughnut in Polish medical translation

Imagine a classic sweetness-bursting yeast-raised doughnut which has been run under a flavourful glaze waterfall for added boost of scrumptiousness. If you’re born and bred in the UK, the chances are you’ll immediately think of a ring doughnut you can get from an old van on the high street. However, if you live in the Cotswolds like I do, your knee-jerk reaction at the mention of the word ‘doughnut’ may as well be GCHQ, the ring-shaped top secret offices of the Government Communications Headquarters, a British cryptography and intelligence agency, known to the locals as ‘The Doughnut’. Going back to...

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What changed in the latest EMA QRD template update
26 February, 2016

This month really got my heart racing, and it had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. The one thing that releases large amounts of adrenaline in any pharmaceutical translator is an update of the EMA QRD template for product information. On 9th February 2016, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published version 10 of the templates for product information for use by applicants and marketing-authorisation holders for human medicines, and I rushed to EMA’s official website to see what changes had been made to the reference documents we use religiously in our everyday work.

Why language is important for business growth?
15 October, 2015

The world is an interesting and diverse place. It would, after all, be boring if everywhere was the same. The differences in language and culture, however, can cause misunderstanding and friction if one is not aware of it. And I don’t mean here petty communication problems, such as asking for raisin in your best French accent just to get a bunch of grapes in return. Language plays a vital role in opening up your business to the world. You’re probably know that already if you’re a multinational giant, such as Google or Amazon, with branches all over the world. But it...

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British Jam Maker Spreads the Love to Poland — JimJams
24 September, 2015

Delightfully sweet plum jam happily bubbling away on the stovetop… yep it’s this time of the year when those disgusted by tasteless, lumpy and artificially coloured store-bought jam will take to their kitchens to make their own preserve and feel like Mary Berry. If only for a moment. Rhubarb, plums, pears. Check. Bag of sugar. Check. Diabetic coma. Check! Kevin Bath of JimJams had this ‘aha’ moment when one morning he sat down with his two young children at the breakfast table. So what do you do if you want your family to have a sweet life but without all...

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My Export Journey to Poland — Cotswold Gold
9 September, 2015

As the news of a Nazi gold train allegedly buried in the wooded hills of the south-west Poland is making headlines in almost every British newspaper, there’s another gold fever going on in Polish kitchens which doesn’t require any metal detectors or ground-penetrating equipment. Polish food connoisseurs are going mad for a rare treasure from a small Gloucestershire village. As sunny and warm as the Cotswolds fields at the height of the British summer, here, dear readers, I present to you the Cotswold Gold, an artisan rapeseed oil that made it to Polish pantries as part of the Food is...

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8 Good Reasons to Invest in Poland
13 August, 2015

Thinking of investing in Poland? Poland might not be the first place you would think of when looking for somewhere to invest your money. It’s a cold and obscure place, still suffering from its time under communist rule, right? Wrong! If by the end of this article you are not already booking your flights and Googling Polish investment firms, I hope to have at least changed your perspective on this exciting and energetic country. If we look back to the reunification of Germany in the early 1990s, we see that many people hesitated to invest their money. Those that did,...

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