What Opportunities the Clinical Trials Market in Poland Offers

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Clinical Trials Market in Poland

Globally, the clinical trials market is forecast to reach US $22 billion by 2021, a compounded annual growth rate of 7.5% when compared to 2016. But how does this relate to the clinical trials market in Poland? This article will discuss the potential clinical trial opportunities in Poland and why it might be an appealing country for clinical research over the coming years.

Clinical Trial Opportunities Available in Poland

Poland’s current position within the global clinical trials market

In 2004, Poland joined the EU and as such adopted the EU regulations on clinical trials and IP rights, as well as the Good Clinical Practices set out by the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH). Since then Poland’s growth in clinical trials has increased. As of 2016, Poland was ranked 9th out of over 140 countries that conduct trials, with over 7,000 sites active in that year. When compared to 2008, this in an increase of 5,960 active sites and an improvement of one position. This currently places Poland between Canada and Russia and only three positions behind the UK.

Population and the national health system

As of the end of June 2016, the population of Poland was about 38,500,000. This large population has limited access to the national health system and when the costs of medication are factored in, patient recruitment for Poland’s clinical trials is very high. This is due to trials offering improved medical care and free drugs and diagnostics. A good example of this can be seen in oncological trials where approximately one-third of clinical trials patients in Poland are oncological cases.

The costs of conducting clinical trials in Poland

Cost efficiency is a significant factor that contributes to the success of the clinical trials market within any county. The cost of conducting trials in Poland is lower compared to other countries and when you consider the continuing developments in the pharmaceutical industry, high patient participation and site penetration rates, Poland becomes a very attractive country for conducting clinical trials. In 2015, their average cost in the USA, from Phase 1 through to Phase 3, was $30–40 million. According to Manufacturing Chemist Pharma, the cost for an equivalent trial in Poland was nearly 30% less.

Availability of specialised medical centres

As already touched upon, the limited access to the national health system, coupled with improved medical care and free drugs, has meant that clinical trial patient recruitment is high. Another contributing factor is Poland’s availability of specialised medical centres. These can be found in nine of the country’s main cities and provide treatment for rheumatology, cardiology, paediatrics and oncology. As mentioned above, approximately one-third of clinical trials patients in Poland are oncological cases.


On reflection of the progress that Poland has made in clinical trials over the last 13 years and the forecasts for the global market in the coming five years, it is safe to assume that Poland’s contributions to clinical studies will continue to grow and be prosperous. Additionally, Poles have inadequate access to the health system and so the benefits of free drugs and enhanced medical care that are associated with these trials are advantageous to the continuing development of this market within Poland.

Conducting clinical trials is a costly procedure. However, when compared to many other countries, Poland offers a much lower cost, in some case by as much as 30%. Furthermore, existence of specialised medical centres greatly benefits patient recruitment. All these factors clearly demonstrate that Poland is an attractive place for clinical research and that there are many exciting opportunities available over the coming years.

How Mastermind Translation Can Help You

Many clinical trials professionals based in Poland have the capacity to speak fluent English. However, documents are required to be written in Polish. Furthermore, those participating in clinical trials need to have access to written Polish documents.

Here at Mastermind Translation, we have a long history of successful and accurate Polish translation of medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology documents. We have provided direct linguistic support in a number of clinical studies conducted in Poland, including The Prostate Cancer Research International Active Surveillance (PRIAS study) and The Burden of Bleeds and Other Determinants on Caregivers of Children and Young People with Haemophilia (BBC study). We pride ourselves on being able to understand and relate to the clinical trials market in Poland and offer bespoke translation solutions with exceptional customer care.


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