Engineering & Technology

There’s no place for gobbledygook or marketing fluff in the engineering world. We get it. You’ve worked hard on your product or process and now need help to get it off the ground. You need someone who understands your offering inside out, and who can communicate your message in Polish. With a strong track record in Polish technical translation, Mastermind Translations deliver.

It’s vital to pick the right translators to help you achieve the successful launch you need. We build strong, long-standing relationships with our clients, taking time to understand the challenges you face and to deliver the best solution for you.

Whether you need a Polish version of your product’s user manual, a catalogue or even a material safety data sheet, we’ll provide the best Polish technical translation so you can get the best outcome. We’re not afraid to ask difficult questions – in fact, we’re excited to find out what your product is all about. Need proof? Read on.

Why we’re the best translators for
your Polish technical translation project

  1. Engineering qualifications

    When it comes to technical translation, no one has better subject knowledge than us. Thanks to our linguistic and engineering expertise, we tackle the most challenging Polish technical translation requests to help you achieve your objectives.

  2. 30 years of combined experience in Polish technical translation

    Engineering qualifications are of little use if you can’t write about your product or process at a professional level that appeals to your target audience.

    Here, hands-on experience is as important as qualifications. Our profession experience in the field means we are able to provide high quality Polish technical translation for businesses of all kinds.

    We translate:

    • installation, operation and maintenance manuals
    • user guides
    • patent applications
    • health and safety procedures
    • product catalogues and price lists
    • product and process specification sheets
    • material safety data sheets.
  3. Up to 30% more efficient translation

    Consistency and accuracy are the main priorities in Polish technical translation. To meet the strict requirements of the EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services – and to deliver the best quality for you – we take time to discuss the technical and linguistic issues of every project.

    We use a robust translation and terminology management system that can increase our productivity by up to 30% and eliminate any human errors. Every translation is then carefully edited, revised and proofread. This efficient system means faster and better quality translations. That’s really good news for you!

  4. Comprehensive, flexible and reliable service

    Whether you’re a leader in your industry or a start-up working hard to break through, your sales depend on your reputation. We provide Polish technical services for large international companies and small local businesses.

    With our reliable all-inclusive service, you can rest assured that your Polish technical translation project will always be completed to meet – even surpass – your expectations. We know every job is different, and that’s why we offer a flexible approach.

    To deliver even better value, we offer a one-stop shop for translation services, including:

    • terminology management
    • linguistic validation
    • and desktop publishing (DTP).

    Our complete service saves you time, money and hassle. We’ll even catch any embarrassing slip-ups before your publications go to print.

  5. Satisfied clients

    We want you to be able to do your job better, and that means getting to know your needs and objectives. We’ve worked with some of our clients for over ten years. These businesses know that Mastermind Translations are the right choice for Polish technical translations. Read on to find out why our clients love working with us.